Christopher Heap
Life Coach
Serving Guelph, Ontario, and beyond (In-Person and Online Sessions Available)

Professional Experience

Private Practice


My practice focused on the diagnosis and treatment of psychological issues including anxiety, depression, stress management, burnout, life transitions, anger management, substance abuse/dependence problems, marital therapy and relationship issues. 

I worked with the Ontario Teacher’s Insurance Plan (OTIP) and the Ontario Secondary School Teacher’s Federation (OSSTF) providing short-term, skills-based therapy to teachers in Ontario.

Presented a Workshop on Workplace Wellness at the OTIP Conference.

School Psychology



Provided comprehensive psychological, educational and behavioural assessments for students ranging from 6 to 18 years of age.

Made recommendations for programming and participated in program development for identified students.

Provided support for teachers and teaching assistants.

Homewood Health

1991 - 2005

As a member of a multidisciplinary team at Homewood, my clinical responsibilities included assessing and providing therapy to patients with affective disorders (e.g. depression, bipolar disorder), anxiety, eating disorders and substance abuse problems (alcohol, drug and/or nicotine addiction) and/or trauma.

I was actively involved in program development and leadership, writing a number of treatment manuals including Coping with Anger Constructively and Coping with Stress and Anxiety, and engaging in outcome research.



Facilitator: “Suicide: Risk Assessment and Prevention”

Course Instructor: “Exceptional Development in Children”, Trent University. January, 1990 - April, 1990 and January, 1991- April, 1991.

Course Instructor: “Child Development”. Trent University, June, 1990 - August, 1991.

Course Instructor: “Abnormal Psychology”. Trent University, May, 1990 - August, 1990.

Lab Instructor: “Learning and Memory”. Queen’s University, Sept. 1986 - January, 1989.

Course Instructor: “Brain and Behaviour”. Millhaven Penitentiary, Sept., 1985 - May, 1986.

Tutor/Marker: “Brain and Behaviour”. Queen’s University, 1984-1987.




Assessment of students.


Short-term, individual therapy for attention deficit issues and impulse control issues.


Training in crisis intervention and a member of the Tragic Events Response Team.



PsychometrisPeterborough County Board of Education
Peterborough County Board of Education

A more comprehensive curriculum vitae can be viewed on my LinkedIn profile:

Workshops and Presentations

Heap, Christopher. Early Intervention Program for Workplace Wellness. Workshop presented at the Ontario Teacher’s Insurance Plan Conference (Mississauga, 2006).

Reade, Beth, Betteridge, Lise, Heap, Christopher & Abdool, Alison. Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Treating the Chronic Worrier. Presented at Beyond the Basics Workshop at the Homewood Health Centre (June, 2001).

Heap, Christopher. Suicide: Risk Assessment and Prevention Workshop. Homewood Health Centre (June, 2000).

Whitney, Diane & Heap, Christopher. Importance of Gender in the Group Treatment of Depression. Workshop presented at the Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association Conference in Banff, Alberta (1999).

Whitney, Diane & Heap, Christopher. Gender Issues in Group Treatment of Depression and Anxiety. Workshop presented at the Canadian Group Psychotherapy Conference in Hockley Valley, Ontario (October, 1998).

Heap, Christopher. How Group Therapy Treats Depression and Anxiety in a Holistic Program. Poster presented at the Canadian Group Psychotherapy Conference in Hockley Valley, Ontario (October, 1998).

Heap, Christopher. Suicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention. Workshops presented at the University of Guelph (July 19, 1992 and January 4, 1993).

Heap, Christopher. The Assessment of Suicide Risk in Teenagers. Workshop presented for the Peterborough County Board of Education (September, 1991).

Heap, Christopher. Treatment Interventions for Young Suicide Attempters. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Psychological Association in Montreal, Quebec (1988).